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Creating Texture With Susan Scheewe Texturing Paste

For production reasons, DecoArt has discontinued making Traditions Texture Medium. For this reason. we have replaced that product with Susan Scheewe Texture Paste. We have tested the new Texture paste and it is totally compatible with Traditions line of paints and mediums. Preparation and application is virtually the same as the old Traditions line of Texture medium. The following is a tutorial that may help get you familiar with the new product for Decoy use . For best results we recommend the following:

1. Proper sealing of the decoy is a must. For HD cork we recommend two liberal coats of Traditions Cork Sealer, letting it dry 12 hours between coats. For wood decoys you can seal with Traditions Multi Surface Sealer or Cork Sealer.

2. To prepare the Texture paste for application add Traditions paint to the paste. The color you choose depends on your base color for the decoy. You can actually control the amount of texture by how much paint you add to the paste. I like a ratio of 20% paint to texture paste for a heavier texture and a 50/50 mix for finer.

3. Apply a liberal amount of the Texture paste/paint mixture to the surface with sponge. Using a push/pull action a “bumped up” texture can be created. Here is an example of a finer and coarse texture...

DecoArt Traditions Dimensional Effects Texturing Paste

 You can also do vermiculation combing using a vermiculation comb...

DecoArt Traditions Dimensional Effects Texturing Paste

4. For best adhesion and durability it is best to let the texture paste dry 24 hours before painting. Once dry you can proceed to applying paint. A small amount of Traditions Glazing Medium or Satin Varnish can be added to your paint for additional durability. We always recommend that for best results stay within one brand of paint products start to finish for predictable results.

There are several advantages to texturing. The textured surface makes it easier to pick up wet decoys and breaks up shine. The bumped up surface is perfect for layering paint and detail work. The texture provides one more layer of protection especially for cork decoys so that they do not wick water.

DecoArt Traditions Dimensional Effects Texturing Paste DecoArt Traditions Dimensional Effects Texturing Paste
DecoArt Traditions Dimensional Effects Texturing Paste DecoArt Traditions Dimensional Effects Texturing Paste

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