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Warren Knives & Tools

We have been selling Warren products for 25 years and have found them to be very dependable for quality at an affordable price.

Although the Warren brand is considered entry level, seasoned carvers also depend on Warren blades.

Warren Blades

Most carvers start with the 6SBL blade assortment and then decide on one or two favorite blade shapes from there.

6SBL 6 Blade Variety set.....$7.25 plus shipping ~ Individual Blades order by number (3 per pack)...$3.80 plus shipping

CWH-3 Warren Handle

Natural wood handle made from solid walnut with a three way solid brass jaw chucking system (handle holds both large and small blades as well as Warren interchangeable chisels and gouges). Overall length measures 4 1/4.

CWH-3 Warren Handle  $13.99 plus shipping

Warren Push/Pull Knife

The Warren Push/Pull Knife is one tool that I cannot live without. I use it for rapid roughout of wood and high density cork. I do not recommend it for Black Cork use, as BSC contains numerous impurities like stone and metal which could ruin the blade. This tool is razor sharp and holds an edge. I love the straight handle design as you can easily push or pull the knife just by flipping it over. It is easy to keep sharp with a ceramic crook stick. The Tool measures 12 plus inches with a 4 inch blade. This tool is razor sharp.

 Warren Push/Pull Knife $41.99 plus shipping

Warren Flex-Strop

Keeping a knife sharp is easy if you have a good leather strop. This strop will keep several tool and knife shapes in sharp condition.

Warren Flex-Strop   $19.95 plus shipping

Warren White Gold Strop Compound

If you have a leather stop you need a good honing compound to work into the leather. This "White Gold Strop Compound" from Warren Tool will last for years and it comes with complete instructions for use.

Warren White Gold Strop Compound   $8.50 plus shipping

Duck Blind Premium Fixed Blade Carving Knife

We have been trying for years to duplicate our biggest selling knife from Diobsud Forge, which went out of business some time ago. Recently we teamed up with knife maker Cape Forge and they not only were able to duplicate but "improved on" an already great knife and shape. If you are looking for a fixed blade knife that will be around for years and still be ultra sharp then the new Duck Blind Carving Knife is your ticket. Keeping a premium fixed blade knife sharp should never have to be more than stropping and never ever put on a stone or wheel unless the edge should get damaged. And then that repair should be left to a professional. This is a premium knife and a Duck Blind exclusive product.

The Duck Blind Carving Knife is available in two blade sizes......1 inch and 1⅜ inch. Please order by blade size.

Honing instructions included with the knife. Blade sizes and handle shapes may vary slightly from picture shown.

Regular Price is $59.95 ~ Special Price is $49.95 plus shipping

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