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Making a  Durable Shipping Container for Decoys

I have found this method not only protects your decoys while shipping

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 but also makes it easy for the shows to repack and return your decoys safely. I start by using a document box available at any office supply store and insulation foam at various building supply outlets. The foam comes in various thickness and can be cut into squares to fit the box.

I use hot glue to tack several layers together. Any glue will work but the hot glue is quick.

Next I use my decoy pattern to cut out a perfect cradle for the decoy to fit into.

I use the band saw to cut the foam.

If you have a keel then a slot needs to be cut into the bottom layer for the keel to rest in. See photo. Also you will notice that a slot has been made for the bill to rest in. I make that area bigger than the bill so that there is no pressure on the bill and it will not be touching anything when the decoy is seated.

Set the decoy in the cradle to test fit and check for pressure points that could damage weak points.

Next I create a piece to support the back using the foam cutout from the cradle. See photo

Next I put in the next layer of foam with a cutout for the head. Again you have eliminated any pressure points that will cause damage to the decoy.

Lastly I put in the last layer of foam with instruction for replacing the decoy and return shipping shipping info. You can leave room at the top of the box for ribbon placement also.

With a little creative work you can get two decoys in a box plus they do have extra long document boxes

The finished product ready for shipping. Remember the key to this method is to make sure that the decoy cannot shift and that there are cut outs for any fragile parts like the head, bill, primaries etc. Also I put the decoy in a plastic bag before placing in the cradle to protect the paint from any abrasion. I have had very good luck with this method even with UPS........'nuf said!

Lastly, the show will really appreciate this method for protecting your decoy and easy repacking.

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