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Welcome to the Duck Blind Wildlife Gallery. We invite you to take a leisurely stroll through our cyber exhibition hall and visit the different displays featuring “Hand Crafted” Decoys by Master Carver Willy McDonald. Willy is a consistent blue ribbon winner on today's show circuit with many Best of Show awards to his credit including the Ohio Decoy Carving and Collecting show, North American Decoy Championship, North Western Michigan Decoy Show, The New Orleans “Best in the Gulf” Championship and The Ward Foundation's “Chesapeake Challenge". In 2007 Willy McDonald was honored with the prestigious Michigan Heritage award for his contributions in fostering and preserving the Decoy Carving Arts.

Willy McDonald has a particular passion for waterfowl hunting and especially hunting decoys. His love for hunting decoys and commitment to the traditions of waterfowling has been the inspiration for magazine articles, video’s and “how to” demonstrations all around the country. Best of all this passion has led to the creation of some of the finest hunting decoys around today. The decoys featured in this gallery represent a step up from the basic hunting decoy. Even though they could be hunted over, they will more than likely be regarded as a collectible piece of waterfowl art.

All of the decoys featured in our Wildlife Gallery are shown as examples of Willy's work and are available on a commission basis. Ordering is easy. Simply select a decoy from the examples presented and email us with your choice and we will get ordering and payment instructions to you by return email. If you would like a different species or pose that you do not see in the gallery examples, contact Willy via email with your request. Please plan on four weeks for completion of most projects.

Each Decoy is hand carved from High Density Cork with a Basswood head. Special orders of “all Wood” decoys are welcome. Contact us for a price quote. All decoys are highly painted to duplicate the field identification of the species portrayed and will look great in the water or on the shelf. Consider a Willy McDonald decoy for that special gift.

Feel free to Email us should you have questions or comments. Enjoy your visit.

Drake Canvasback Decoy

The Drake Canvasback is considered by most hunters to be the King of ducks. This Willy McDonald decoy captures the regal essence of the Canvasback from the beautiful red eye to the soft vermiculation of the back. Carved out of Cork and Basswood, this decoy will be the highlight in your rig or on your shelf.


Drake Redhead Decoy

The Redhead was the subject for Willy’s video series on Decorative Decoy carving and creating a superb “Gunner” was a natural offshoot from that teaching series. By incorporating a realistic paint scheme, this basic hunting decoy captures the essence of the Redhead in every way. This Redhead decoy pattern was used in Willy's 2011 Carving Classes and was also featured in the Michigan Out of Doors TV show with Jenny Olson.

Cost $295

Drake Mallard Decoy

The Mallard is usually the mainstay of every rig of decoys. This Mallard from Willy's rig is hand carved from High Density Cork with a Basswood head. It is highly painted utilizing Hand and Airbrushing techniques to duplicate the field identification of a beautiful Drake Mallard.

Cost $295

Drake Bluebill

Diver hunting usually requires many blocks with majority of the set made up of Bluebill (Scaup) decoys. This carving of a Greater Scaup is a perfect example the Bluebills that Willy McDonald hunts over. It is a beauty in form and paint.

Cost $295

Drake Goldeneye

Here is another fun diver duck to hunt. Known for their Whistling wings the Drake Common Goldeneye is a beautiful Duck. Hunting them successfully depends on bringing the birds in close and it takes a good decoy to do this.

Cost $295

Drake Ringneck

The Ringneck Duck is one of Willy’s favorite species to hunt and carve. The distinctive Head shape and bill coloration take this decoy beyond the ordinary Black and white block. This would be a great addition to a Diver “Rig” or on the shelf.

Cost $295

Drake Blue-winged Teal

Willy's first Best of Show was with a decorative Blue-winged teal. Here is an example of a Drake Blue-winged right from Willy's gunning rig. It is slightly larger than lifesize.

Cost $295

Drake Cinnamon Teal

Another beautiful Teal is the Cinnamon. This little teal frequents the West Coast and is highly prized as a trophy to hunters visiting the Pacific Flyway. The distinctive areas of color along with a red eye make this a beautiful collectible decoy .

Cost $295

Drake Wood Duck

Willy has probably carved more Wood Ducks then any other species. With beautiful color and distinctive shape the Wood Duck wins the beauty contest every time. If you are looking for something special.....

Cost $395

You can receive ordering information on Gallery items by clicking here. Please include the items that you are interested in, and we will contact you by email with ordering instructions and address any questions you may have regarding the Artwork.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card. We also accept PayPal as payment. Just send an email listing the products that you would like to purchase, along with your PayPal address, and we will send you a PayPal invoice. We will also accept personal checks with pre-approval. Some Decoys will require a lead-time for completion.

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