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Miscellaneous Carving Supplies

Leather Carving Aprons

A good leather apron is a must whether you are a power carver or work with hand tools. We are happy to announce that we have an exclusive new product that combines absolute quality in workmanship with a great price.

We have sold several kinds of leather aprons over the years but never one with this quality and value. Since this apron is being manufactured exclusively for The Duck Blind, we can guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied or we will refund your money. Our apron has a completely adjustable neck and waist straps that are riveted as well as a double thick chest patch complete with pencil pocket.

Standard Leather Apron

Our custom made, adjustable strap apron is made from ¾ ounce leather, and is very durable. This apron also features riveted adjustable neck and waist straps!. Colors can vary slightly from the apron shown in the picture but all will be in earth tones.

Duck Blind Custom Apron - $48.95 plus shipping

Duck Blind Texturing Combs - “Flexible” Stainless Steel

Vermiculation Comb Example

How to use texturing Combs using acrylic products

1.For cork or wood: Seal the surface as usual. Make a 50/50 mixture of gesso and texturing paste. It is suggested that you use a colored gesso that matches the color of the vermiculation. (Black, Brown or Gray) Apply this mixture (fairly thick) on the surface with a sponge. Try not to do too big of an area at one time. Please note: If you are using Jansen Texturing Paste, gesso can be eliminated but a small amount of Jansen paint can be used to tint the mixture for color in the appropriate areas.

2.Next drag the comb through this mixture in a zig-zag motion trying to get a random look to the pattern. The pattern should go across the feather. (See examples) Clean off the comb occasionally with a paper towel to remove build up of the texturing mixture. It is useful to practice this on a scrap piece of wood or paper plate to perfect the procedure before doing it on your carving. The net result of this procedure will leave a raised ridge of texture over the entire surface. Make sure that you do not miss any area where you want the vermiculation to appear. Let this area dry completely before going to the painting step.

3.Next paint the area the base color of the feather group. If the side pocket group of feathers are gray then paint the entire surface gray etc. Let dry completely.

4.Next “Dry Brush” the dark color of the vermiculation across the top of the ridges. Use a flat brush for this procedure making sure that the brush is almost void of paint to prevent getting paint down in the valley of the ridges. Once dry you can procedure to detailing feather edges etc. if need be.
The combing methods above will also apply to using oil paints however we suggest that you always experiment with the various Oil based products to make sure they will give you the desired effect.

Duck Blind Vermiculation Combs  $15.95 plus shipping

Swiss Sandpaper

Swiss Sandpaper in 1 yard rolls are available in the following grits:
80, 120, 150, 180, 220, 320

Swiss Sandpaper  $3.95 Per Roll plus shipping

Padded Sanders

Padded Sanders are a great tool. Both have 1/4" shanks

Padded Sander Tutorial

Small Padded Sander ¼” shank $15.95 plus shipping
Large Padded Sander
¼” shank $19.95 plus shipping
Mini Padded Sande
r ⅛” shank $14.95 plus shipping


TUF Carve is a great epoxy product that is a carvable, sandable filler for repair work.

Quart includes Cream Hardener.......... $29.95 plus shipping

Aves Apoxie Sculpt

The Aves Apoxie Sculpt is now being used by many carvers for setting eyes. It has enough working time allowing for adjusting and shaping around the eyes. A great product for repair work also.

4 oz.........$13.95
plus shipping
1 lb........$21.95
plus shipping

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