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HI EVERYONE and welcome to my Internet web page. In case we haven’t met at a show or some other spot, let me introduce myself. My name is Murphy McDonald (murph for short) and I’m a Black Lab. There is a touch of German Shorthair in my ancestry but I usually don’t admit to it until it’s time to go Pheasant hunting. Then LOOK OUT! You should see the reaction of Willy’s hunting friends when I go on full point. Sometimes I point just to watch them get excited. I love it when people can only guess what I am thinking.

I have to tell you about my age because everyone thinks I’m old due to some gray hair on my chin. I hate when that happens. I’m only 6 years old. That hair color comes from my Mom and I’m proud of it. Anyway, I was born July 10th, 1993 in Delton, Michigan and my first home was on a hunting preserve. How’s that for surprise?

I was only there a few short weeks when Willy and his son Chris stopped by looking for a new puppy. Just listening to the two of them agonizing over the decision of which one of us to choose was more than I could stand. There were seven of us to choose from and I obviously was the best looking. What was their problem? All they could talk about was which one of us was going to be the best hunter. I solved their dilemma real quick. While my brothers and sisters were running around trying to look cute I ran into the woods and found a bird feather and took it to Chris. Guess what! I was at my new home within an hour.

The rest of my life’s story is pretty easy. Besides playing with Willy and Di’s grand kids, I hunt, go to decoy shows, and just hang out at the Duck Blind. I love going to the shows and seeing my old friends, especially the ones that bring me treats. All in all, I guess I love hunting the best. It must be something in my blood. I think this is a good time for a personal request of Laurie McNeil. (She's known as the LoonLady and is designing this web site.)

Hey Laurie, how about a Photo Gallery that shows me with my friends and family and the things that make me Happy!

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