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Each packet contains 12 different views of a particular species in relaxed and animated poses. Profile, overhead, front, and rear shots give you the best possible reference. All Photos are in full color.

$11.99 Per Packet

Quantity Discounts:
The best way to save money on the photo packs is to buy all 45 packs at one time.
We put all 540 jumbo pictures into a beautiful album! The Complete Album does not include photos of taxidermy mounts.

5 Packets - $55     10 Packets - $100     Complete Album - $380

ID No Species ID No Species
P- 40 Barrow's Goldeneye Drake P- 51 King Eider Drake
P- 41 Barrow's Goldeneye Hen P- 52 King Eider Hen
P- 44 Black Duck Drake P- 13 Lesser Scaup Drake
P- 1 Blue-winged Teal Drake P- 14 Lesser Scaup Hen
P- 2 Blue-winged Teal Hen P- 15 Mallard Drake
P- 38 Bufflehead Drake P- 16 Mallard Hen
P- 39 Bufflehead Hen P- 28 Mandarin Drake
P- 36 Canada Goose P- 29 Mandarin Hen
P- 3 Canvasback Drake P- 42 Old Squaw Drake
P- 4 Canvasback Hen P- 17 Pintail Drake
P- 5 Cinnamon Teal Drake P- 32 Pintail Hen
P- 6 Cinnamon Teal Hen P- 18 Redhead Drake
P- 45 Common Eider Drake* P- 19 Redhead Hen
P- 46 Common Eider Hen* P- 20 Ring-necked Drake
P- 50 Common Merganser Hen P- 21 Ring-necked Hen
P- 43 Fulvous Tree Duck P- 35 Ruddy Duck Drake
P- 30 Gadwall Drake P- 37 Ruddy Duck Hen
P- 31 Gadwall Hen P- 22 Shoveler Drake
P- 33 Goldeneye Drake P- 23 Shoveler Hen
P- 10 Goldeneye Hen P- 53 Spectacled Eider Drake
P- 8 Greater Scaup Drake P- 54 Spectacled Eider Hen
P- 9 Greater Scaup Hen P- 48 Steller's Eider Drake*
P- 7 Green-Winged Teal Drake P- 24 Widgeon Drake
P- 34 Green-Winged Teal Hen P- 25 Widgeon Hen
P- 47 Harlequin Drake P- 26 Wood Duck Drake
P- 11 Hooded Merganser Drake P- 27 Wood Duck Hen
P- 12 Hooded Merganser Hen P- 1A Complete Album

*Asterisk indicates these photos are of taxidermy mounts


$3.99 Per Packet

ID No Species ID No Species
P1BF Blue-winged Teal Drake P11BF Hooded Merganser Drake
P44BF Black Duck Drake P12BF Hooded Merganser Hen
P47BF Black Duck Hen P13BF Lesser Scaup Drake
P38BF Bufflehead Drake P14BF Lesser Scaup Hen
P39BF Bufflehead Hen P15BF Mallard Drake
P4BF Canvasback Hen P16BF Mallard Hen
P5BF Cinnamon Teal Drake P17BF Pintail Drake
P50BF Common Merganser Hen P32BF Pintail Hen
P30BF Gadwall Drake P18BF Redhead Drake
P31BF Gadwall Hen P19BF Redhead Hen
P33BF Goldeneye Drake P20BF Ring-necked Drake
P1OBF Goldeneye Hen P21BF Ring-necked Hen
P8BF Greater Scaup Drake P24BF Widgeon Drake
P9BF Greater Scaup Hen P25BF Widgeon Hen
P7BF Green-Winged Teal Drake P26BF Wood Duck Drake
P34BF Green-Winged Teal Hen P27BF Wood Duck

*Asterisk indicates these photos are of taxidermy mounts


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